FT in Singapore Feb 25-28th, 2020

Please join me at the Integrated Training Institute for my first four day Foundations course in Singapore. https://www.itigrad.com/check-dates-for-courses.html Synopsis of FT Foundations Course Day 1 ¬†Session 1 Introduction ¬† Information Models, Body Views, Biases, Beliefs & Principles for Treatment   Concepts & Theories Components for Treatment Methods: Active versus Passive Approaches   Fascial Anatomy Tensegrity […]

NFM Edinburgh, Scotland May 9-10th, 2020

Please join me for a two day Neurofacial Mobilisation course to be held at Leonardos’ Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland hosted by Ruth Duncan and Myofascial Release UK. https://www.myofascialrelease.co.uk/workshop-directory/ Do you understand neural tension? How can you harness your soft-tissue skill set, applying it to resolve neural tension? Often by the time you see a client, […]

2020 Workshop Schedule

2020 is going to be a banner year for Fascial Therapy Institute Australia.

Three new venues have been added in Dublin, Ireland at the Walmer College of Massage and with Craig Smith Club Physio sending FT to Bahrain and Singapore Itigrad with Jab and Faye

Clinical Thinking – Muscle Energy Technique

Many manual therapists may not realise the intimate relationship that exists between the central-peripheral nervous system and soft-tissue release. This understanding of, and the ability to effect change comes in a large part with understanding of the sensory-motor system and in particular sensory-motor receptors. The ability to manipulate these receptors is at the heart of all soft-tissue facilitated by manual or massage therapists.