Please join me for a two day Neurofacial Mobilisation course to be held at Leonardos’ Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland hosted by Ruth Duncan and Myofascial Release UK.

Do you understand neural tension? How can you harness your soft-tissue skill set, applying it to resolve neural tension?

Often by the time you see a client, they’re well on their way to neural dysfunction. Why not intervene much sooner and eliminate neural tension before it arrives in this state?

“For the nervous system to move normally, it must successfully execute three primary mechanical functions; withstand tension, slide in its container, and be compressible.” Shacklock 2006

In this two-day intensive course we will offer to you the concepts and applications for base neurodynamic tests. These include Brachial Plexus, Upper Limb Neurodynamic Tests for Median, Radial & Ulnar pathways (biases). Spine and Lower Peripheral Pathways: Slump, Straight Leg Raise, tibial and Peroneal Neurodynamic Tests (Tension Tests).

We will how to differentiate muscular tension from neural tension along ALL neural pathways, demonstrating basic technique to relax the nerve simply which will change muscular tension dramatically

Join me in upgrading your skill set and learn that once you understand how to strategically intervene, you can release nerves with very little effort, your outcomes will soar!

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